Why Work with Barbara?

With many years of experience and an exceptional track record in sales and  management, Barbara Devine has the tools and expertise to help you design your image and communicate the message you want to convey.

Barbara Devine, Professional Image Consultant, Ontario

Impressive Sales & Management Track Record

Barbara is the winner of over 25 sales contests and has consistently surpassed targets. She has won multiple Top Management awards including VP recognition at Bell. Understanding the importance of a professional image including 'nonverbal intelligence' (the ability to read people) has set her apart from others.

Success in Tough Sales Markets

Barbara has succeeded in competitive markets where customers find it difficult to recognize any significant differences between you and your competition. Price cuts, partnerships and bundling of services are not profitable long term strategies. The only way to succeed is to create and influence comfortable relationships with your clients. Once you have achieved this, everything else will fall into place.

Barbara knows the unique differences of selling to the private versus public sector. She established a successful career in a male-dominated field, and has many years of experience in solution selling or the consultative sale.

30 Years of Experience in Business

As a business owner, Barbara has gained real life knowledge of the business world and the secrets of what it takes to succeed. You won't find her training material in any school – she combines the laws of biology, psychology and social sciences and applies them to a sales model.

Innovation & Technology Background

Barbara knows the secrets of how to effectively manage change in tough sales environments where you deal with prospects face to face and have to differentiate yourself. The same techniques can be used to improve your customer service capabilities.

Extensive Image & Brand Coaching Experience

Barbara has 10-plus years of experience coaching her teams on the importance of their Image and Brand and how to align it to achieve both their personal and organizational sucess. This includes issues of appearance, body language, behavior and communication skills, nonverbal intelligence, managerial styles, leadership and social presence.

Mentoring Expertise

Barbara has experience mentoring  women on how to promote themselves, compete and excel in business. All have been promoted and enjoy successful careers.

Trained Keynote Motivational Speaker

Barbara has presentation credibility and was a keynote speaker at the International Blackberry Launch at the CNE while at Bell. She was rated one of the top speakers by attendees for her communication skills, motivation and knowledge. She has large audience experience, including a speaking engagement at an Apple developer event.

The Science of Development Management

Barbara is committed to the latest developments in communications science and has studied the use of nonverbal messaging, human behavior, primal brain impacts and physiology.

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