Why Work with Barbara?

With many years experience and an exceptional track record in sales and management, Barbara Devine has created unique and innovative programs that will set you up for success and improve your results.  Her training focuses on nonverbal skills , is not taught in most schools and is based on science and ground breaking research. Take the initiative and maximize your talent.

Barbara Devine, Professional Image Consultant, Ontario

Impressive Sales & Management Track Record

Barbara is the winner of over 25 top performer sales awards. She has consistently proven to businesses, organizations, leaders, students, young professionals, and internationals students there is an easier way.  You can be more productive, prosperous and happy managing your business or career.  It's as simple as applying what we know about brain science with the power of our image to achieve our peak performance.

Success in Tough Sales Markets

Barbara has excelled in competitive markets where customers find it difficult to recognize any significant differences between you and your competition.  How are you differentiating yourself?  How do you impact others either digitally or in person?  Neuroscience, psychology and physiology tell us exactly what to do to set ourselves apart and this is the focus of Barbara's training.

She knows the unique skills required to sell yourself.  If you are not perceived as likable, trustworthy and competent it will be difficult for you to be hired, sell, network, manage, run a business or lead a team.

30 Years of Experience in Business

Being a corporate leader before creating her own training company Barbara has gained real life knowledge of the business world and what it takes to succeed.  You won't find her training material in any school because she focuses where others don't.  Education and experience are not all that you require today to compete and succeed.  Barbara has witnessed many employees, and managers sabotage themselves not because they lacked knowledge but because they lacked the presence and image required for their role.  You don't want to be that person.  

Innovation & Technology Background

Barbara knows how to effectively manage change and compete in tough business environments. You may think you have an innovative product but if your customer doesn't feel it, they won't buy it.  It's the transfer of emotions that matters.  We often count on our products, services, and fancy presentations to sell for us.  What matters is you and how you present yourself.  Its the messenger and not the message that matters most. Once you make an emotional connection then the customers conscious brain will kick in and consider the logical benefits. Remember the order!

Extensive Image & Brand Training Experience

Barbara has 10-plus years experience coaching her teams on the importance of their nonverbal skills.  This includes  appearance, body language, behavior, communication skills, habits, biases, brain responses, facial expressions, gestures and emotional intelligence.  You have more power than you know so learn how to use them to your advantage.

Mentoring Expertise

Barbara has experience mentoring  women on how to promote themselves, interview more effectively, compete and excel in business.  She also has organized numerous "women only events"  with great success.  She coaches her audience on how to tackle the challenges women face today and how to overcome them.  

Trained Keynote Motivational Speaker

Barbara has presentation credibility and experience. She has been rated as one of the top speakers by attendees for her communication skills, motivation and knowledge. She has large audience experience, including a speaking engagement at an Apple developer event and the Dalhousie Womens Leadership conference in Halifax and much more.

The Science of Development and Productivity Management

Barbara is committed to sharing the latest developments in neuroscience, physiology, psychology and social communications. Not only does she share the knowledge but how to apply it as a professional, leader or business owner.  Same rules, same outcomes.

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