Professional Image Coaching

It's your image that tells the people you meet who you are. At Impact & Performance, we can help build an image that will align to your goals and present the most powerful 'you' to the world.

You have a millisecond before others judge you and form an opinion.

Are you interviewing well? Are you being promoted? Are you a successful closer? Are you an effective leader? Do you hire the best people? Do you network well?

Don't forget your image is not what people say to your face; it's what they say and think behind your back. You may be failing due to your professional image alone. Education and credentials are not enough if you want to excel in the workplace.  Successful people realize they broadcast signals constantly and use this to their advantage. 

It is in your power to improve and manage your image. It is all about projecting your best self to the world.

Your professional image is the driving force of your career.

If you get it right you can excel and if you don't, you can inadvertently sabotage yourself.

Knowing how to make an impactful first impression along with the behavior, communication skills and knowledge to maintain that positive first impression will provide you the results you want.

The smallest tweaks and adjustments can have an immediate and positive impact on your career and personal brand.

Can you benefit from working with a Impact and Performance?

Well, let's find out! Read through the questions below. If you answer 'yes' to any of them, you're in the right place. We can help. 

Q: Is your career at a standstill?
Q: Do you want to close more business?
Q: Do you want to improve your interviewing and networking  skills?
Q: Do you want to project an appearling presence?
Q: Do you want to use your image 
Q: Are you considering a career change?

Are We a Good Fit For You?

We work with professionals across all ages, genders and industries, including:

  • Millennials
  • Salespeople who want to improve their closing ratios
  • Students or recent graduates ready to launch their careers
  • People re-entering the workforce 
  • Individuals who are bored or stagnant in their career and want to make a change
  • Individuals who recognize their personal image shortcomings but are not sure what to do
  • Recently promoted managers who are being groomed for executive positions
  • Employees who have lost their job due to downsizing and need to 'market' themselves

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