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Looking for a dynamic keynote speaker who will add value and tangible results to your event? Talk to us. We'll deliver an inspiring talk that will bring awareness to your teams on the impact that image has on performance, and how some small changes can take them from good to exceptional.

Dynamic Keynotes with Real Life Value

Barbara is a trained and experienced keynote speaker. She has won over 25 sales awards and has 25 years of business, management and executive experience to share. Her most significant presentations to date were promoting a new International BlackBerry at launch, and speaking at an Apple developer event, both in Toronto.

Barbara Devine, Keynote Speaker, Ontario

Currently, Barbara is offering her speaking services globally on the relevance and impact of a positive professional image on individuals and organizations.

The image we project is the key to our success, regardless of the industry or size of company in which we are currently employed.

Barbara's talks are based on research and real life experiences that clearly show time after time that people buy from who they like, and perceptions and opinions are formed within seconds of meeting someone.

Taking this into consideration and creating likeability and positive first impressions are the precursor to sales wins, networking, presentations, interviewing, and promotions.

First impressions are key, but they have to be followed by the appropriate behavior and communication skills to maintain that positive first impression and set you up to win in competitive situations.

Barbara is very passionate, and her energy is contagious. Her keynotes are not only educational but motivational in nature.

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