Professional Image Development Workshops

Customized, relevant, dynamic Professional Impact & Performance workshops that deliver value – for conferences, training programs or meetings.

Looking for a dynamic, value-add training session for your next event?

You’re in the right place! These aren’t your typical sales, leadership and coaching programmes of the past. 

We concentrate on nonverbal skills and effective communication techniques as dictated by science, new research studies and the understanding of human behaviour.  You will learn how to improve your sales and leadership abilities without even trying.

Redirect your energy into connecting and communicating with clients, customers, your teams and audiences. 

Understand what they see when they meet you and why they respond the way they do.

Proven Workshop Topics

Each of these topics works independently as a 'stand-alone' workshop, or can be integrated with other topics to create a more comprehensive professional image training program.

  • Winning Image for Sales
  • Winning Image for Leadership
  • Winning Image for Customer Service/Front Line Staff
  • Company On-Boarding Programs
  • Businesses expanding into North America

What size of group can we work with?

The minimum number of participants for our group workshops is 5 people (to create a beneficial group dynamic). The ideal maximum (to ensure that everyone has a personalized experience) is 30-40 participants. 

For larger groups, consider our Keynote Speaking option.

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