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Professional Image Consultant, Ontario

 Productivity & Success Trainer

Meet Barbara Devine

Professional Image Consultant for Businesses, Ontario

Sales & Customer Service Training

Workshops, coaching & training for Businesses 

Personal Image Coaching, Niagara

Business & Career Acceleration

Learn how the latest discoveries in neuroscience can improve your business results..

Improve Your Results with Professional Image & Performance Coaching, Training, Keynotes, Workshops and Lunch & Learns

Whether your goal is to improve your sales, negotiation or presentation skills, customer service, personal or organizational brand, or develop your leadership skills the same principles apply. Learn how to manage your image by understanding the impact that appearance, physiology  and psychology have on how you present yourself and communicate your message while impacting the perceptions of others.
Be inspired to change the way others interact with you while building trust and credibility. Learn the Science of Success! 

Telecommunications Image Consulting, Ontario

We Know Sales can be Tough

Our global markets are making it increasingly difficult to compete while our sales quotas continue to climb.  We hear it all the time and we have a solution. Focus on your time, energy and attention where the high performers do. We share all their secrets.  As a winner of over 25 top performer awards I know and believe in our material.  I am so confident because our training is based on the latest finding in neuroscience, physiology and physiology.

We know we are judged instantly by others and judge them too.  Its human nature so to compete and grow our sales our best chance at success is to manage our image.   

  • We have a millisecond to sell a potential customer
  • Sell the emotional brain first then the logical brain
  • Your words do not hold your power
  • Use your image to influence and persuade
  • Use your body language and other nonverbal skills help you communicate your message

With over 30 years experience as a sales rep, manager and director Barbara Devine can help develop your team, your managers and your executives.

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Image Consulting for Financial Services

Customer Service is all about you

Its your employees that will make or break your business. They are your front line ambassadors of your product and your brand. So much depends on how they react to your customers.

Your business is all about trust. It all comes down to relationship selling and you need to be focused on the strategies that will give you a return on your training investment.

  • Help your team differentiate with powerful, personal images that reflect your brand
  • Arm them with the ability to be flexible and responsive in face-to-face sales or customer service situations
  • Grow their ability to leverage existing customers to expanded product portfolios

Barbara offers a wealth of experience – use it to develop your front-line sales and service teams.

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Image Consulting for Technology Companies

Business Productivity Enhancers

We teach companies how to increase their productivity without investing a lot of time and money. Improving attitudes, habits, leadership skills,  employee engagement and company culture are all achievable by implementing organizational changes.  In addition to the above another benefit is a reduction in costly employee turnover and reduced sick days.  Sound too good to be true? Yes, it can be done with a change in focus.  These changes include:

  • Supporting your employees with their professional goal setting
  • Supporting the health and wellness of employees
  • Encouraging breaks
  • Supporting leadership implement change

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Sales Image Consulting, Service Industries, Ontario

Maximize your Talent- Impression Management

Its a competitive world out there and many struggle to differentiate themselves. Whether you are a young professional just entering the job market or a established professional, the challenges are the same.  So, how do you get that competitive edge? Its developing your soft skills that will make the difference. Soft skills are personal attributes that enable you to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Soft skills can be acquired with training and they are necessary in order to be successful in the workplace. Its these soft skills or people skills that make you unique.

A Harvard University study found that "technical skills and knowledge account for 15 per cent of the reason you get a job, keep a job, advance a job. 85 percent of your job success is connected to your people skills". 

A stronger, more responsive professional presentation can directly impact your success and this can be achieved by:

  • Improving your image
  • Learning brain stategies 
  • Increasing your influence, credibility and trustworthiness
  • Improving your communication schools with your non verbals 

Barbara's experiences is highly relevant in the tough employment markets, where soft skills are all you have to set you apart from others.

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