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Professional Image Consultant, Ontario

 Performance & Success Coach

Meet Barbara Devine

Professional Image Consultant for Businesses, Ontario

Sales Performance Training

Workshops, coaching & training for Executives and Teams 

Personal Image Coaching, Niagara

Performance Training

Learn how the latest discoveries in neuroscience can improve your business results..

Improve Your Results with Professional Image & Performance Coaching, Training, Keynotes, Workshops and Lunch & Learns

Whether your goal is to improve your sales, negotiation or presentation skills, customer service, personal or organizational brand, or develop your leadership skills the same principles apply. Learn how to manage your image by understanding the impact that appearance, physiology  and psychology have on how you present yourself and communicate your message while impacting the perceptions of others.
Be inspired to change the way others interact with you while building trust and credibility. Learn the Science of Success! 

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Telecommunications Image Consulting, Ontario

We Know Telecommunications is a 'Tough Sell'

Telecommunications companies are finding it difficult since their traditional profits are being reduced. We hear it all the time. You want to position yourself as a full service, solutions-based partner and not just a network or hardware provider. Instead, you are pigeonholed along with your competition. What can you do?

  • Make your mark in customer services and face-to-face sales, where verbal communication skills and appearance are key
  • Ensure your teams are skilled at developing enduring customer relationships
  • Expand your team's ability to generate referrals, which are key in a competitive market
  • Help your team read your customers (nonverbal intelligence) and positively influence their perspectives and decision-making

With over 25 years experience in technology & telecommunications, Barbara Devine can help develop your team, your managers and your executives.

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Image Consulting for Financial Services

The Banking & Financial Services landscape has become highly competitive.

So, what makes your company stand out? It's certainly not your mortgage rates, mortgage retention, customer loyalty or services provided.

Your business is all about trust. It all comes down to relationship selling and you need to be focused on the strategies that will give you a return on your training investment.

  • Help your team differentiate with powerful, personal images that reflect your brand
  • Arm them with the ability to be flexible and responsive in face-to-face sales or customer service situations
  • Grow their ability to leverage existing customers to expanded product portfolios

Barbara offers a wealth of experience in corporate sales and communication – use it to develop your front-line sales and service teams.

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Image Consulting for Technology Companies

The common denominator in your world is change.

In the worlds of technology and innovation, change is constant as new manufacturers continuously enter the market with newer and innovative offerings. This puts a lot of pressure on your teams at many levels. So, how do you keep them ahead of the game and feeling confident that they can handle:

  • Complex product sales for both new and existing customers
  • Multi-faceted relationship & support discussions
  • Transitioning customers from current technology to upgrades
  • Solidifying customer relationships under pressure

The long and the short of it is that we understand your challenges and have some ideas for you. Whether it's working with your HR team to build a solid training program, adding some real-life value to a conference, or running team-specific workshops, we can work with you to help your people develop the professional image you both want.

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Sales Image Consulting, Service Industries, Ontario

For Service Industries, personal presence & connection are everything.

All across North America, Service Industries are under pressure to offer premium services at minimal cost – which means they need courteous staff that are equipped to create a good first impression and maintain the relationship. Without question, your teams ability to connect with customers is critical for business maintenance and growth. 

A stronger, more responsive professional presentation can directly impact your success by:

  • Creating a positive environment for your clients
  • Retention of customers and staff
  • Obtaining referrals & growing the business

As a coach and trainer, Barbara's experience is highly relevant in the tough service markets, where soft skills are really all you have to set you apart from others.

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