Impact & Performance Consulting for Service Industries

Service Industries across all markets are under constant pressure to acquire and maintain customers – and it's your people that make the difference. Let us help your team develop the appropriate Professional Image to succeed in their careers, while growing your business.

Image Consulting for Realtors, Real Estate, Ontario

How can we help?

We work with many Service Providers in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the organization. Our most popular services include:

  • Group or team training programs
  • Lunch & Learns
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Strategic consultation with your HR department
  • Keynotes at regional or national events
  • Workshops at conference events
  • Workshops in collaboration with your training department
  • Lunch & Learns

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What does it take to really stand out in the various Service Industries?

It's certainly not the ability to offer cheaper pricing since margins are already thin.

Service industries are highly competitive and count on repeat business to maintain and grow their business. It's an ongoing struggle to keep up with competitive offers by your competition.

A stronger, more 'responsive' professional image will directly impact your business on a daily basis. 

Training your teams on how to make a good first impression, develop rapport, and make the customer feel comfortable is the key to your success.

Clients in your business typically have multiple interactions with your teams and each interaction has to be positive.  All these skills can be developed through training.

That's where we come in.

As a coach and trainer, Barbara's experience is highly applicable to Service Industries. She knows how to coach your teams on the "soft skills" which will elevate your business and set you apart from others. 

We can help you manage the challenges you are facing:

  • Maintain current customers
  • Get referrals
  • Grow your business
  • Retain employees
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How can we help you or your team? Let's find out...with a complimentary consultation.