Coaching for Banking & Financial Services Teams

Why invest in image and communications coaching for your sales & service teams? Simple. The smallest improvements in your ability to connect with others will have a significant impact on your income.

Image Consulting for Banks & Financial Institutions, Ontario

How can we help?

We work with banks and financial institutions in a number of different ways, depending on the needs of the organization. Our most popular services include:

  • Group or team training programs
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Strategic consultation with your HR department
  • Keynotes at regional or national events
  • Workshops at conference events
  • Workshops in collaboration with your training department
  • Lunch & Learn sessions

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In today's very competitive financial landscape, what will help your team be more successful?

It's certainly not your mortgage rates, financial services,customer loyalty or services provided. Let's face it, many customers view you and your competition as very similar. A professional image can be that differentiator and allow you to build strong partnerships. Knowing how clients judge you and understanding how to influence their opinions will make all the difference.  Once you achieve that positive first impression then your knowledge and industry knowledge will be listened to and not dismissed. Especially when critical investment decisions are being made you want to come across as reliable, showing attention to detail, credible,trustworthy and your image can accomplish that.

Your business is all about trust. So, it all comes down to relationship selling. 

The services you offer are sold face-to-face and are high value in nature. The image presented by your teams will either promote or sabotage your brand and business. Not only do you have a requirement to sell your services but your profitability depends on customer retention, cross selling of services and referrals. 

You need something more – a point of difference that makes current and potential customers feel better about your company than the competition.

One common denominator for your sales is that they are performed face to face between the customer and your team.

This is where we come in. We can teach your team how to read their clients, establish rapport and influence their perceptions. It is all about creating an environment of comfort. An appropriate image from your team would signal likability, trustworthiness and confidence to your client. This positive impression will set your team up to win sales and establish long term mutually beneficial business relationships.

Customers will either perceive your team as trustworthy, knowledgeable and likeable or not. 

Whether you want to admit or not, the professional image of your team will increase your closing ratios and result in improved profits. 

This makes professional image training even more critical in the competitive Financial Services and Banking markets. If customers don't like the first impression of your team, they'll simply go elsewhere!

If you want your business to stand-out, talk to us.

With over 25 years in a competitive, face to face sales environment,Barbara can help you improve your results in a market where: 

  • Retention rates of mortgages are decreasing.
  • Interest rates are low, impacting margins significantly.
  • You have to increase your wealth management services to be more profitable.
  • Requirement to cross-sell services to grow your business and maintain customers.

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