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With over 30 years of corporate experience, including sales, management and training, Barbara Devine knows what it takes to succeed in competitive markets.

Barbara Devine, Image Consultant, OntarioMeet Barbara, Productivity and Success Coach

Barbara is a highly motivated and inspirational leader. She has held various sales, management and executive positions for the past thirty years in the mobility and communications field working for some of the most recognized brands in Canada. Her experience is extensive in selling and coaching teams in competitive markets where relationship selling, creativity and innovation are all you have to set you apart from your competition.

As a winner of over twenty-five top performer sales awards, she has adapted to constantly changing environments and learned quickly the value of impression management. This will allow you to influence others perceptions so you can achieve your goals. Barbara teaches her clients how to effectively manage first impressions and emotions to be more productive, prosperous and happy in their business or career. Being self aware will also allow you to find opportunities that you may have missed in the past. If you are not receiving the results you want now then improve your image and improve your results.  Put the focus where it belongs and that is not in your words but your nonverbals. Change your focus, change your results.

She has presented as a keynote speaker at numerous conferences including Women in Business at Dalhousie University, sat on various Ask the Expert panels and presented at numerous regional sales meetings. She also holds a position on a Grow your Business advisory panel offering Image Training for business growth.

Barbara earned her degree at Brock University with a major in Business, and holds multiple sales, training, coaching and presentation certifications.

She has many years of research and study hours dedicated to " What makes people successful". She has also completed all courses at the Image Institute. She has practical, on-the-job experience and knowledge to share with businesses, students and professionals.

It is more than your Appearance, Behavior, Communication and your Digital Footprint, there are many other intangibles contributing to your career or business success.

What can Barbara do for you or your organization?

Barbara brings awareness to business owners, teams and professionals on the importance of skills not taught in schools. How others perceive you and how you can influence this process is really the secret to success. Image is not only how you look but impacts your ability to communicate effectively, connect with others and build the business relationships you require. Your current image is either supporting or sabotaging your business efforts. Many of your work-related failures may have nothing to do with your knowledge and expertise but rather your inability to recognize what is important which is your body language, behaviour, communication skills and digital presence. Whether you are entering the workforce, your career has stalled, you want to improve your sales, improve your customer service, find it difficult to renew contracts, hire more effectively, maintain customers, or are striving for a leadership position, Impact & Performance can assist.

We coach you on how to obtain tangible results by actively assessing and managing your image, brand and thought based patterns. Learning how to master your self image and influence others perceptions and judgements is the ultimate requirement for your success. It takes less than a second for others to visually assess you and form an opinion, so why leave this to chance? It is not about beauty or fashion and doesn't require investing in a new wardrobe but does involve tweaks and changes. It does require your willingness to change. Go from good to exceptional.

Take control and make the decision to change.

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